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Vehicle purchase scam

I have to share this response to my inquiry about a truck ad on carpages. It looked too good to be true, priced way below market value, so I thought I’d contact the seller. The ad read like any other on the carpages site, a few pictures, description, everything looked legit. Here is the “owner’s” response to my request for the vin# so I could do a carproof check. Caveat emptor!

Thank you for being interested in buying my 2013 Toyota Tacoma which is in perfect condition, with no scratches on it, no accident, always garaged, everything about this truck functions perfectly.My final price is CAD $6,800 including shipping to your address (only in Canada)The truck is located in Canada but currently I am located in Croatia because I just got divorced my husband and then I decided to move me closer to my parents.The truck was awarded to me in our divorce and I decided to sell the truck.As I’m unable to travel in the near future and I don’t have anyone to help me with the sale I decided to make this transaction through eBay. I believe this protects both buyer and seller and it’s the right way to do this.So don’t get me wrong and don’t take it personally but I would prefer to secure the deal through eBay.Basically the money will be sent to them and they will keep the money until you will receive the truck and only after you will inspect and drive the truck they will forward the money to me.
I will wait your answer (if you are interested to buy) very soon and i will also explain you all terms for this transaction.


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“The mass of citizens plays a passive, quiescent part, responding only to the signals given them. The most popular politicians are those who succeed in altering the script and reframing the debate – in other words, those who can bend the media to their will. With sortiton, you do not ask everyone to vote on an issue few people really understand, but you draft a random sample of the population and make sure they come to grips with the subject matter in order to make a sensible decision.”

That quote came from a Guardian News article my son sent to me.  So true.  Look how Trump is bending the media thru his inane tweets.  And how many citizens who do vote, really have a solid grasp of issues?  I suspect that very few do.  Our elections in the western world come down to popularity contests.  Who is the most photogenic?  Who has the best grasp of social media to “bend” it to “their will”?  Who’s gone door to door and shaken the most hands?  Who’s kissed the most babies?    In effect then, who has been in the public eye the most, in the few short weeks leading up to the election?  There is your eventual winner.  Not the guy or gal who has a grasp of the issues and a plan to deal with them.  No, it ends up being the loudest who wins.

Sortition is a concept that makes so much sense.  We should investigate this option and implement it.

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I’ve been following the stories on Madison Project in Toronto and the parallel efforts to save Estonian House for some time now. It is unfortunately eerily deja vu. It’s like we have not learned anything from growing up in a community that used to work together for common objective. Instead of emulating the Jews who have an admirable knack for putting aside personal and political differences when it comes to strengthening and growing their community, it seems that Estonians (in the West) today have a propensity to do whatever it takes to stop progress and live in the past. As much as I have enjoyed the Broadview Avenue Estonian House and all it has done to preserve Eestlus, it is an edifice and mindset that represents a pagulas history that no longer exists. Except in the minds of a large sector of the Eesti community who seem to want to continue living in the past. And the language of this discussion is at times so silly and bizarre it makes me roll my eyes. It’s time to take a risk folks and project this community into the 21st century. Yes I agree, the Madison Project is rife with unanswered questions and potentially crippling roadblocks. But to comfortably sit on our past achievements is to deny the future. Look at Eesti today folks. Do you think our homeland got to be the envy of Europe by living in the past and obsequiously caving in to potential and real threat from the big bear on its border? No. They have even at times thumbed their nose at Putin and his cronies and barged ahead because they know that those who live in the past are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past. We should emulate homeland Estos and take example from their incredible risk taking achievements. Estos invented Skype! The present day fibre optic infrastructure project for the entire country, even rural areas. Obviously you can never forget the past and should forever celebrate and mourn its watershed moments. But it is time to think big folks. Time to take a risk. Time to move forward. Be an Estonian and make your children proud. Make yourself proud. The people at the helm of Madison Project are not stupid. They are approaching this with intelligence and a forward thinking energy that is sadly missing from the cadre of folk who insist on living in the past. Eesti Maja was a grand achievement for pagulas Eestlus. But that’s history. Let’s forge a new history. Together.

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Throughout the long and often ugly process which pitted our local community in Prince Edward County against wind developers and elected government (Queen’s Park just to be clear, our local politicians have been mostly supportive of the community in which they live and work), what has been missing from the stream of arguments pro and con regarding the building of industrial wind turbines is the following. That our morals and ethics have degenerated to the point where law, as evidenced in the ESA (Endangered Species Act) condones actions which “kill, harm or harass” the Blanding’s turtle or any species for that matter, sickens me. For us to assume the power of God and enshrine it via such disgusting language in law reflects an arrogance and self assumed superiority over all things living, that we are truly in danger of spiraling into a very dark and destructive abyss. How any agency, be it private or elected, can use such horrendous legislation while positing that green energy will somehow benefit society, is a hypocrisy that astonishes me. If it has become acceptable to “kill, harm or harass” on the way to reaching this illusory dystopia of a “green planet”, how safe do you feel as a citizen objecting to the enormous power of big business and big government? The midnight knock at the front door is the next step, is it not? Ostrander Point may very well be the cross road that determines not only the future of green energy, but the future of our society. It must be stopped.

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I’ve always found it irritating how our high school English curriculum is mired in an ancient funk. Kids spend an inordinate amount of time studying Shakespeare and other truly dead authors. Yes, they penned some masterpieces, but surely there are other authors just a little more contemporary, like maybe a few hundred years, that we should be exposing students to? Pick any author on the Giller Prize short list. How about combining literature and history? Joseph Boyden anyone? If dead authors must be studies, then I suggest Arthur Rimbaud be included. Let’s educate a generation of leaders and original thinkers. How are you going to get a progressive society without encouraging a little rebelliousness? Here’s an excerpt from Rimbaud’s “A Season in Hell”. Imagine tying this passage into a study of contemporary civic politics, Rob Ford perhaps??!!

Pagan blood returns! The Spirit is at hand, why does Christ not come to my aid and give nobility and freedom to my soul. Alas! the Gospel belongs to the past! the Gospel! the Gospel.
I am starving for God. I have belonged to an inferior race since time began.
And now, here I am on the shores of Brittany. Let the cities light up in the evening. My day is done; I am leaving Europe. Sea air will scorch my lungs; remote climates will tan my skin. To swim, to tramp down grass, to hunt, and above all to smoke; to drink liquor as strong as molten metal – as my beloved ancestors did around their fires.
I shall return, with limbs of iron, a dark skin, and angry eyes; from my mask, people will think I belong to a strong race. I shall have gold: I shall be idle and brutal. Women nurse such ferocious invalids on their return from the tropics. I shall be involved in politics. Saved.
But for now I am damned, I loathe my native land. I’d best fall into an utterly drunken sleep, by the sea-shore.

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My brother Roland is an astonishingly ignorant, selfish, arrogant narcissist. About the only good thing I can say, is he provides me with unlimited writing material. He finally came to visit our father in Dad’s new retirement residence. Seven weeks after Dad had moved in. He spent 70 minutes with him, most of that time having dinner. And when he left to go back to Hamilton, to Dad’s house, where he still lives without contributing a nickel to house maintenance and expenses, he did a most amazing and unbelievable thing. He took three pairs of Dad’s shoes back with him! I picked up Dad this morning to bring him to church, and thought a pair of black shoes might look better with the pants he was wearing. I opened the hall closet to get the black shoes and was baffled to see that only three pairs of shoes remained. Recognizing that Dad does have dementia, my first reaction was to look in the other closet and even dresser drawers, figuring that Dad had hidden them. No sight of the shoes. Not under the bed. Not behind any chairs. Gone. Roland, who has at least 40 pairs of shoes back in Hamilton, many still in boxes unopened, had repossessed his shoes. I had taken them when I moved Dad to his retirement home, thinking they were Dad’s. Used shoes folks. Not new. Roland took back the only pair of black shoes Dad had. He is beyond shame. He is mentally very sick. He needs help. So on this Thanksgiving Sunday I pray that Roland gets appropriate psychiatric help soon, before he finds his medical and social life shattered. You leave a shit storm wherever you go Roland, and we are all left cleaning up the mess. Get help, get out of Dodge, get on with life before it destroys you. You are pathetic.

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Dr. Amolins is hopeless

Sitting in Dad’s living room watching game 7 of NBA finals. Awesome game. And then Dr. Amolins comes home. I make the usual banal stupId small talk. He makes himself some supper. Brings his plate into the living room. Pokes a piece of broccoli into Dad’s face offering him a veghie like Pop is some kind of psych ward patient that needs to be spoon fed. For a medical doctor this man knows nothing about treating people with respect. And so begins another dialogue where I try to enlighten Roland about his inconsiderate behavior and he rejects and ignores logic. Perhaps it is time to call the College of Physicians and report him. I fear my Dad will regress into an abyss created by an ignorant son who is so self absorbed and narcissistic that he is beyond help. God help you Roland. Because you reject all earth bound offers.

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