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Hair loss and comb-overs

I’m attending a wonderful concert. The singer in this ensemble has a marvelous voice. She even mixes some operatic arias in with a happy collection of tunes from the 40’s. But what really catches my eye, aside from the obvious attractiveness of the singer, is the fascinating collection of comb-overs spread out before my eyes. Various gentlemen in various stages of hair loss. There is the classic comb-over, where absurdly long hair is combed over the top of a balding man’s scalp. It’s held in place by some kind of gumbo. Why is it that so many men insist on hiding their hair loss with such comedic styles?
Or the cascade. That’s where a bald patch has developed in the center back, and the man still has some hair on top. So he combs it backwards to cover the skin patch on his head. Again, long comb-over hair that is at least 4 inches in length. It’s so obvious, yet the man must think it somehow makes him look what exactly? Younger? More masculine?
And how about the top tuft? That’s where the bald patch is right on top of a skull. So the solution is to tuft up the hairs around this naked patch, and spike them up and slightly at an angle all around the bald spot. It is reminiscent of wheat fields from generations ago, where the stalks were piled vertically and tied together.
Then there is the guy who wears a hat indoors. Who does that? Especially on hot summer evenings. What are you hiding under that canvas? The hair spills out from under the hat, looks fairly healthy. So why is he wearing the hat? The only answer I can come up with is hair loss up top. As if the hat is compensating for the absence of hair. So come on guys, get a grip. It’s OK to be losing your hair. The process is a called aging. When you start the hiding of hair thru such bizarre style practices, it only emphasizes the absence of hair. Enjoy your age. Revel in the wisdom it has endowed upon you. Celebrate the gray. The contents of your cranium define who you are. Not the topping. It’s just hair!

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