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Santa Claus parade

As I walk up Mill Street the glorious sounds of choral music drift down the hill, building in volume as I approach Main Street. It’s the night of the Bloomfield Santa Claus parade. I’ve decided to once again attend this popular event. It’s a wonderful way to kick start ones mindset into a Christmas spirit. I greet passersby with a “Merry Christmas” and all respond in kind. As I crest the hill, I see crowds gathering, everybody is in a cheerful mood. How can one not be,with Christmas carols and hymns resonating up and down the street. The church has set up speakers on their lawn, providing a perfect soundtrack as we all anticipate the arrival of floats and bands. No glum faces in this crowd. Everybody is catching the Christmas spirit. The weather is cooperating, suitably cold but not unbearable. I’m bundled up with enough layers. My plan is to watch some of it from the Public House patio at least until the cold drives me indoors. Bloomfield Public House has opened their patio for the evening, providing hearty soups and nibbles as well as frosty cans of craft beer. I opt for the beer and park myself at the corner of the patio, an ideal vantage point to enjoy the event. Kids walk by clutching their letters for Santa. Many are festooned in sparkling hats and blinking lights, joining the theme of the parade. Anticipation builds as the horse drawn taxi wagon ferries people back and forth. It’s a shoulder to shoulder crowd. The population of Bloomfield must have swelled to double for this night. And then the first float goes by, led by a biker on her Harley. She’s even adorned it with some lights. One after another the floats glide by. My favorite is Grinch and Whoville with its wacky residents. Grinch is poking his head out of the roof, he’s so high above the crowd I pray there are no wires crossing the road or he’d be zapped for sure. The cold starts to wear its way thru my layers of clothing. Time to retire to the interior comfort of the Public House. Their marvelous glass front provides an ideal window to view the parade. And in warmth. A steady stream of moms and dads with their toddlers come inside to warmup. All are welcome. And as the final parade float glitters by I reflect on this display of community. The County really is a special place.

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