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Sad when issues like doing the smart thing and saving your life have to be mandated by government.  Have we become so brain dead about preserving our health, that we can no longer be relied upon to make decisions about our own bodies?  Apparently so.  Perhaps it is time to push thru class action law suits against Redpath and other sugar purveyors for decades of misleading and false claims about the adverse health impacts of sugar.  We did it to tobacco.  Why not sugar?

No more refills: France makes it illegal for restaurants, schools to offer unlimited soft drinks



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Demonstrating the incredibly powerful influence of his office, the Donald’s tweet threats about slapping tariffs on cars coming from Mexico into the USA has no doubt had a major impact on Ford Motor Co’s decision to quash development of a $1.6B manufacturing plant in northern Mexico. There go a few thousand Mexican jobs. There will be others. Many others, as US companies revisit their development plans in Mexico and shut down existing facilities to ward off the wrath of the White House and Congress and the Senate. So while the Donald tweets on about the primacy of US jobs and the need to “make America great again” you have to wonder how thoroughly he thinks these things thru. If he’s broadcasting now about the horrible impact of illegal aliens in the United States, and the loss of American jobs because of these nasty alien Mexicans, I wonder what impact closure of plants in Mexico will have, given the Donald’s fear mongering about illegals and the loss of American jobs. You think there might be a slight increase in migration from Mexico across the Rio Grande when thousands and thousands of Mexicans are thrown out of work? Oh, yeah, I forgot! The Donald is building a wall to keep them out! So he has thought this through. And he’s going to force all those unemployed Mexicans to build it, and get the Mexican government to pay for it. What a brilliant leader.

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