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Finally good news on the Dad front. He’s settling in to his new home in a senior’s residence 20 min from my house. Ideal. No more stress living in a large house. No more paranoia staring out the window all day. Lots of peers around him, some worse off, some better. A nice suite, plenty large for him, private bathroom. It gets regular cleaning from the staff, unlike his house. Still blows my mind how Dad’s other son could let his father live in a house that reeked of mould and misery. Now Pop gets three squares a day, and I’m talking really good food! I’ve eaten there several times, no cafeteria tray bland food. This place has an in-house chef preparing tasty food and pastries. So now we can get him a new set of teeth so he can enjoy that food. Going for the first form fitting for new dentures this week. Sadly the previous caregiver who lived under the same roof neglected most of Dad’s personal care and needs. And it is so refreshing to not have to make 3 hr one way drives every week to attend to Dad issues. Wonder if the brother will ever bother to come and visit his father? At his convenience of course! We lucked out and got the last suite in this 3 year old building. No long-term health care facility kind of smell or vibe. Feels like a beautiful condo, which it basically is. Hopefully will add a few more good years to Dad’s life. Dad and lilacs

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