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It’s been a while. I’ve been remiss. Sorry readers for lagging behind in blogging. So many issues have been clouding my time. But also some moments of absolute fun and joy! Threw a surprise birthday party for wife and son. Surprise for wife, son in on the trick. It was a delight. A gathering of friends from miles around. When wife’s girlfriends from childhood arrived in their humongous camper trailer, it was beautiful seeing wife’s jaw drop. And when one drives 6 hours to party for 48 hrs, you can bet there is very little down time! Had an absolute blast with the northern amigos. And in a couple weeks we’ll return the favor, drive 6 hours to surprise Norm on his 50th.
We’re delighting in a stretch of beautiful weather. Mid to high 20’s and sun all day for the past several, with another 7 days upcoming. The kind of summer that keeps one away from generating revenue. Still half a step in front of the creditors, still keeping the wolves at bay. Miss my dog. Almost 8 months passed since he took a wrong turn onto thin ice, chasing the damn fox. RIP Blue. We all miss you.

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