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PSW arrived at 8am. Full day ahead. She gets Dads morning program underway. I load up car and head to dump. Efficient system. Car is weighed before u dump stuff. Then weighed after. Charge is $8.50 for 100kg. Pail of oil was free as was metal waste. The PSW does three loads laundry. I have to repair steps to line. Rotted side. Use ballpeen hammer. Its a bitch not having my tools. Trying to find tools in somebody else’s shop! Then to podiatrist. He took one look at Dads toenails. Said the problem is these are toes of a man older than 39! Not worth doing anything. It is not contagious. Forty bucks but money well spent. Then hang more laundry. And.. A bang from inside. Go look and Dad is bleeding profusely from gash in forehead. I apply pressure. He slipped on piles of magazines and envelopes Roland has been living with on his bedroom floor. Had you moved out by now this would never have happened. And so Ive been sitting in emergency now for almost 4 hours waiting for stitches. Nurse guesses Dad will need 16. Tell me Roland. How do you feel about living in your Dad’s house now ? Saamatu. Hopeless. At least the PSW is working ou well. Hat will tomorrow bring?

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