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As much as I feel sympathy for our Boston neighbours and the terrible losses suffered by its citizens, I also feel a sense of scorn at America and its lawmakers.  They reject their President’s rational and heart-felt approach to stemming the tide of assault weapons by quashing his gun control legislation in the senate.  They continue to allow purchase of military weaponry by its citizens without need of any background checks.  They allow propagation of 50 bullet gun clips and have the audacity to condemn terrorist attacks.  There is a cancer that runs through American society, and it is called the National Rifle Association or NRA.  For this lobby group to exert such a powerful influence in the halls of the Senate that it can defeat measures intended to rein in acts of terror is an abomination of America.  The Boston attack is as much a product of foreign terrorists and extremists as it is a product of American lawmakers and the NRA.  The right to bear arms is not a right to bear any and all kinds of arms. Until the NRA loses its grip on Washington, there will continue to be terror attacks.  And don’t blame the terrorists next time.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your society might also be at fault.

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It’s been a rather hectic time.  What with Dad and the other sibling.  And recognising that e11 mahchine of corporate  greed will  not be swayed with any logic or honor.  Business has very  little  honor.  Yet, it does have it’s place.

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Why apologise for the sytanx and distoriton of Oxford’s.  It is what it is.





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