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As Facebook continues its slide, ($28.80 at time of writing) I can’t help but wonder at the stupidity of those who invested into this silly company.  How a chat room with pictures could ever rise to such prominence is beyond me.  It reminds me of the tech boom in the 90’s.  Anything remotely connected with the internet attracted investment capital.  Money kept pouring in, because people were too lazy to accept that only through hard work and discipline and often sacrifice, would you realize profit.  Whatever happened to those principles?  Have we become such a slothtful society, that we expect, no demand, like little children, to receive without giving any kind of sweat in return?  You’d think a society built on the hard work and sacrifice of pioneers would adopt some of the principles that got us here.  But no, like petulant spoiled brats, we continue to take, take and take.  Give nothing in return, just keep collecting.  But of course, a phalanx of lawyers will now line up to pursue your grievance against Facebook and Morgan Stanley.  How could they so distort the potential of Facebook?  Oh my, they lied to us.  And you swallowed the sales pitch like a ripe strawberry.  Yummy!  It tastes so good, sounds so fabulous, it must be the truth.  Ever heard of due diligence people?   So poo on you if you were dumb enough to pour money into Facebook.  Get back to sending emails with attachments.  Or pick up the phone  or Skype your friends.  Hey, here’s an idea.  How about making plans to meet for lunch, or is that old school?  I say get rid of Facebook altogether!


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So the IPO will go out at $38 per share.  Get ready to unload your shares soon if you are stupid enough to buy any.  I’m a pretty sharp guy, and the entire concept of Facebook is based on a narcissistic view of the world.  Here’s what my buddy Joe has to say:

“The FB stock is definately over valued. The problem with Facebook is that its “me orientated” and people tire of that self promoting. Mark Z., is that way himself and made a fortune out of it but hasn’t clued in that sustainabilty is not built on one’s self examination but how one can promote others, events, businesses, politics, local, national and world issues. ”

I totally agree.  So what if there are 900 million users?  How many of those are active users is the more relevant question.  Posting your whereabouts at any particular time, posting photos of the meals you eat or the company you keep, posting books you have read, blah, blah, blah.  Like Joe has so succinctly pointed out, sustainability is not based on self-promotion.  And that is really all Facebook is about.  A bunch of people promoting themselves.  It is such a self centered and narrow focus that it boggles my mind how we’ve all been duped by Mark Zuckerberg into believing that Facebook holds the key to our future social life.  Get off the net, get on your bike, get out, get real.

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Once again our schools demonstrate the absurdity in attempting to satisfy everybody.  Here’s a kid who wore a completely inoffensive, hell (oops!) even commendable T-shirt bearing the slogan “Life is wasted without Jesus” and he’s suspended because the vice-principal thinks the slogan promoted “hate talk”!  Good for you kid for continuing to wear the t-shirt and giving your vice-principal the middle finger, even when it means they might suspend you for the entire school year.  Now where are the fellow students in all this?  They should be walking out of class en masse in protest and in solidarity.


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How appropriate that Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” sold for a world record price.  That image must be exactly what child soldiers in Africa look like.  Or starving children the world over.  Or abused seniors in your very neighborhood.  Or neglected babies.  Or teens who cannot afford to attend university.  It’s the world gone crazy.


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Check out this essay in the National Post if you still have a problem with Conrad Black’s re-entry to Canada.  Welcome back Conrad!


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It seems that Facebook is getting more desperate in its ongoing efforts to maintain market dominance and keep us all hooked.  And in the process it becomes more pathetic and irrelevant.  Why?  Have you noticed the suggestions that now appear on your page, wondering if you wish to change certain “Friends” to a new category “Good Friends”?  Now by tagging only a select group as my “Good Friends” does that relegate all the others to “Bad Friends”?  While they are at it, why not add another category called “Special Friends”?  Or “Weekend Friends”?  How about “Drinking Buddies”?  The options are endless.  Before you know it, you’ll have distinct and mutually exclusive pages for all your different “Friend” categories.  And what if you post pictures of “Good Friends” but not all of the people are “Good Friends”?  Will Facebook figure out a way to erase them from the photo?  Because after all, you can’t have “Good Friends” mixing with just anybody.  Only my “Good Friends” can hang out together.  No one else invited.  This whole Facebook social networking phenomenon is becoming too bizarre and ridiculous for me.  I think I’ll revert to making rotary dial phone calls from now on and schedule old fashioned lunch dates and actual face-to-face meetings.  But only with my “Good Friends”.

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