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“Israel granted the go-ahead on Tuesday for construction of 1.100 new Jewish housing units in East Jersualem, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out any freeze in settlement construction, raising already heightened tensions after last week’s Palestinian move to seek UN membership.”  – AP


How can Israel continue to maintain that the only way to a lasting peace is for negotiations to resume?  For ten years they have been “negotiating” with Palestine and where has this effort got the Palestinians?  I’ll tell you where.  Nowhere!  Palestine keeps losing more and more land to illegal Jewish settlements.  The world condemns the building of settlements.  More settlements get built.  And Israel gains de facto ownership of more territory.  Most countries have laws against “squatting” on somebody else’s land but apparently law does not apply to Israel.   So the next time a bomb goes off in some Jewish market, ask yourself if the frustration experienced by Palestine would not drive you also to acts of rage.  Sure, one can never condone such violence, but how long must a people be driven into the ground before rising up in anger?

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And you wonder why our productivity levels are nowhere near to where they were years ago?  Maybe it has something to do with boneheads who design websites like “Hardlywork”.

This new website allows you to access your Facebook while making it look to those around you that you’re actually hard at work.  The site connects with your Facebook account and then loads your newsfeed to look like a spreadsheet.  It allows you to scan your newsfeed, browse photos, and click on links friends share.  Press the space bar and your Facebook friends names are replaced with a bunch of numbers to make the spreadsheet look like an actual spreadsheet.

………from HR Professional

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES Villagers and veteran hunters have captured a one-ton saltwater crocodile which they plan to make the star of a planned ecotourism park in a southern Philippine town, an official said Monday.

OK, call me crazy, but there is just a wee bit of the ridiculous here, no?  A wild beast, a natural wonder (in its natural surroundings) will  now be penned into some “green” paddock with tourists gawking away.  And they have the audacity to call their planned attraction an “ecotourism park”!  Perhaps the concept of ecotourism is lost on the Philippino people.  Or maybe the idea of ecotourism is being co-opted by Philippino billionaires who think building a park somehow fits the framework of ecotourism.  Kind of like that Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls.  Build a multi million dollar theme park, call it anything, and just like a field of dreams they will come.  Crazy world.


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Dad…..not bad for 89!

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