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I just read a news item about a 15 yr old kid who was caught trying to steal a roast from a grocer.  I’d bet money that the kid is a first time offender.  Picture the scenario.  Mom made a comment last night about how she was tired of having to prepare spaghetti dinners every night because they just cannot afford a nice beef roast.  The kid sees his mother working two jobs trying to make ends meet.  Dad took off years ago and disappeared from their lives.  He’s got two little sisters  who get all their clothes from the Thrift store.  The kid says “I’m gonna do something good for Mom.”  He doesn’t try to steal a video game console, or cigarettes.  He’s arrested with a roast tucked under his jacket!  Give the kid a break!  Make him do some community service hours and let him keep the roast.  And make him work for that grocer for a month, sweeping floors, stocking shelves, delivering groceries with his bicycle.  No, the latter idea won’t work because the family cannot afford to buy the kid a bike.  Hey, anytime a kid is caught stealing food (and I’m not talking about chocolate bars or candy) there is probably a lot more to the story than a simple shoplifting case.

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The world stands aside and makes room for the person who knows where he is going and is on his way.

When you have a vision for what you wish to achieve in your life, not only will others stand aside and let you pass, but they will join you in your quest as well. They will instinctively recognize your enthusiasm and zest for living. When you speak of your passion in life, your definite major goal, they will see the intensity of your desire, and they will respond with encouragement and assistance or they will stand aside. It will be apparent to all who know you that you will succeed.

…..author unknown

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