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I miss my mother.  She’s been dead coming on 8 months.  When they disappear from your life you really appreciate the work they did.  Especially immigrant mothers who came to this country with nothing but the knapsack on their back.  With dreams of new beginnings.  They left everything behind.  Everything.  And started anew in a strange land.  No language.  No concept of the new culture they were stepping into.  My Mom touched so many lives apart from her own children.  She did a pretty damn good job raising us all.  Celebrate your mothers.  And if they are alive, make sure you  spend time with them.  I sent my Mom to heaven secure in the knowledge that she knew she did a good job.  How about you?


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Here’s my rant about the Vancouver hockey riot.  The 17 yr old kid stuffs a burning rag into a police cruiser gas tank and is caught on video.  This guy was a promising talent on the national water polo team!  He had an athletic scholarship lined up.  And now he gives a tearful apology on TV, weeping about what a bad choice he made, sorry about the mess he’s caused his parents.  How can you find any sympathy for such an asshole?  This is not getting drunk in a bar and spending the night in jail.  This is not whacking a squirrel with your slingshot.  This is not stealing a candy bar from the local convenience store.  Dude, you were setting a police cruiser on fire!  What possible motivation drove such a criminal action?  Can it be blamed on mob behaviour, on the pressure exerted by your peers?  No.  You committed a criminal offence and we should have no sympathy for that action.  Go to court, get sentenced, do time in jail and then try to rebuild your life.  But do not go on camera all teary eyed and projecting some kind of false sorrow.  That is so pathetic that your sentence should be doubled!

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If it were not for the fact I heard it from the source, I’d have said this story is too ridiculous to be true.  My 13 year old son’t buddy described this for me.  During lunch break, he and some friends get together at school and play with dice.  Not by throwing them against the wall and betting on the outcome.  No, I’m talking about dice used in board games like Sorry.  OK, maybe sometimes they do throw the dice for fun as well.  Now the principal of the school has forbidden students to call them dice.  She has instead substituted “number cubes” as the new phrase to describe dice!  I kid you not.  Number cubes!  Even the 13 year old kids realize the absurdity of this.  But that’s not all.  The kids also get together and play cards, one of the boys bringing a bag of pennies that are then evenly distributed, to be used as chips.  At the end of the game, the kid who brought the pennies collects them all, so nobody ends up really winning any money, it’s just a fun time filler for the kids.  The same principal has now banned the use of pennies!  Henceforth the kids can only use poker chips, but just one color chips.  Can’t have the kids escalating their bets now can we!  That would encourage gambling and who knows what other deadly sins.  It sounds to me like this principal has a husband or other family member with a seriously debilitating gambling problem and thinks that she is somehow doing the kids a service by reformatting the English language.  I would say that her actions have the opposite effect.  By drawing  attention to what was previously harmless gaming by the kids, she has now encouraged them to pursue real gambling activity.  Kids being kids, don’t you think at least some of them will now recognize that their previously innocent games have some kind of sinful connotation.  “We better explore this, because if adults think it is wrong and harmful, well maybe it is actually a lot of fun!”.  Number cubes!  What a joke!


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