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How’s this for a superb idea!  A US soldier (and graphic artist) Poto Leifi has a private company that memorializes fallen soldiers in vintage style posters.  As he says on his website www.freedomsonme.com “I’m a fan of the military posters created during World War II so with the help of some friends as models, I began to make new posters with that vintage-feel,  when I did, the posters came to life in a very profound way and the project took a whole new direction.”  The posters are provided free to families of fallen heroes and he also sells them for $25, but I’m not clear whether anybody can buy them, or if sales are confined only to families and close relatives.  I think anybody should be able to buy these, I’d certainly proudly display one.  And it’s a program that could probably be expanded to other countries.  Why remember these soldiers only in traditional, somber ways, that makes one always sad and tearful?  As reported in the Golbe & Mail, one fallen Ariman’s grandmother says “They bring light into what is a dark moment by bringing our heroes alive.  Each and every poster tells a story and by just looking at it you get an idea of what that hero was all about.”  Very cool idea!

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Apocalypse coming?

Four Americans murdered by Somali pirates.

Middle East countries on brink of civil war.

Ghadafi shoots and bombs his own people. 

World economy in shambles.

Homeless and unemployed at record levels.

Consumer debt exploding.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems to me that we’re on the verge of some catastrophic event.  The s..t has hit the fan and it’s about to spread around the world.  Look out folks, we are living in a time of monumental change.  It’s a juggernaut of epic proportions and the good life is about to irrevocably change.  Crazy?  Maybe so, but let’s review this in a few months and see where we are.

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If you have not yet seen Milos Raonic play tennis, you owe it to yourself to watch the final of the ATP Memphis Open today at 3:00pm ET.  Canadian Milos Raonic will be playing Andy Roddick in the final.  Raonic won last week’s San Jose Open and follows that up with another final today.  A mere 12 months ago this 20 year old tennis phenom was ranked 341 in the world.  He’s currently at 59 and will definitely shoot up another several ranking points regardless of today’s outcome, but if I were a betting man, I’d put money on this kid.  His game is fantastic, he posesses probably the hardest serve in tennis today, clocked at 240km/h last week.  But it’s not just a powerhouse serve one dimension game.  This guy has a wicked backhand, smashing forehand and plays smart tennis, charging the net to attack, keeping his opponents completely off balance.  His victory speech at last week’s San Jose championship ceremony belied his youth.  The kid handled all questions with aplomb, courteous, deferential to the right people but without seeming obsequious or phony.  Milos Raonic has arrived with an explosion, this kid is not the next thing, he is the present thing.  Look out Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, Raonic is snapping at your heels and he’s got a wicked bite!  I predict he will crack the top ten before the end of March and will remain one of tennis’s premier players for many years to come.

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Watching father fade away

Drifting in the wake of despair

Grasping for solutions to life losing meaning

Yearning for release from a tightening noose

Days that should instead be filled with new light

Remain obscured by a cloud

Rays of sunshine blocked by desperation

A past that gets dragged along

In iron shackles

So sad, so wrong

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Mario Lemiuex a hypocrite

I find Mario Lemieux’s rant about violence in the NHL to be quite hypocritical.  He says “We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players.”  (Globe & Mail Feb 14, 2011)  His team continues to employ Matt Cooke, widely acknowledged as the biggest goon in the game.  Perhaps Mario is a tad remorseful and angry at himself for not doing enough to protect his franchise player, still out with a serious brain injury.  Are you lashing out at some other issue Mario, to deflect attention from your own failings?  What trainer or team doctor in their right mind would allow a player back on the ice, no matter what the player said about his/her ability to skate following that first hit in the winter classic?  Even if Crosby passed the quick bench check for concussion, surely the team should have erred on the side of extreme caution before allowing Crosby to skate so soon?    Even a minor league hockey parent like me knows that you do not send a kid out to play after he receives such a brutal check.  So don’t complain about the “safety of our players” when your own team did nothing to protect the best hockey player in the world.  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks!

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So Hosni Mubarak has finally been toppled.  Not by a military coup.  Nor by an assassins bullet.  By freedom!  After 30 years of despotic handcuffs, the people of Egypt said enough is enough.  Incredible!  Extraordinary.  Stupendous.  The people of Tunisia showed them how.  And lo and behold, a new society is born.  The generals and other inner circle corrupted officials will now try to flee the country.  Unfortunately, most of their obscene wealth (some estimates put Mubarak’s fortune at $70 billion) is squirreled away in foreign countries and secret bank accounts.  You`d think that $1 billion of state funds would have been enough for most dictators.  But he kept on accumulating Egypt`s money, like a starving squirrel building a winter`s supply. May the people of Egypt use all international tools to try to recoup their money.  The old adage “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely“ was never as true as in the case of Mubarak.  It is a scary testament to his power and hold over Egypt, that even in 2011, up until today, he was able to completely control the country.  But the internet probably had a huge part in destroying him.  May information flow freely.  May free opinion and public discourse never be suppressed again.  May the people of Egypt revel in and celebrate the light of freedom.  Shine on and carve a new path with your beam.  Long live the free people of Egypt!

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NDP sports critic Glenn Thibeault says Canada needs a royal commission to study serious sports injuries, like concussions.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t royal commissions usually convened for matters of great public importance?  As defined by Wikipedia, a royal commission is “a major government inquiry into an issue….matters of great importance and usually controversy.  These can be matters such as government structure, treatment of minorities, events of considerable public concern or economic questions.”  So granted, concussions are of serious interest to hockey parents and Pittsburgh Penguin fans.  But to suggest that a royal commission is required to study bonks to the head confirms once again why the Canadian electorate regularly ignores the NDP at election time.  Get a real job Glenn!

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