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What an embarrassment and humiliation to us as a species.  The fact we have allowed our energy demands to compromise the health of our planet and the lives of so many other species will hopefully be remembered by future generations with the same severity we today review genocide.  It is abhorrent, it is revolting, it is obscene.  The Gulf oil spill could have been averted, as could so many industrial accidents that happen daily.  But the relentless corporate drive to ever greater monetary profit and our own complicity in encouraging that objective meant that shortcuts were taken.  The safety standards that in retrospect are always easy to see were avoided.  BP will face severe penalties and sanctions.  Fines will be levied.  Corporate leaders will be sacked.  So what?  Another well will be drilled.  We will continue paying whatever is demanded for the petroleum that so defines our lives.  And in time, this disaster will be forgotten by this generation because frankly, we don’t have the resolve to alter our lives with the conviction and tenacity that radical change requires.  We do not deserve to be caretakers of this planet.  Shame on us all.

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I found this in a letter to the editor written by Max MacIntyre of Elora.  Food for thought!

The Prime Minister of Canada:

– effectively appoints the Governor General

– appoints all the cabinet

– appoints all vacancies in the senate

– appoints all vacancies on the supreme court

– appoints all heads of crown corporations

– appoints all heads of federal government departments

– appoints all deputy federal ministers

– appoints all ambassadors

– appoints all heads of federal government agencies

– appoints the head of the Armed Forces.

So, do we live in a dictatorship or a democracy?

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Story one: A guy got stranded in northern Saskatchewan 800 kilometers north of Saskatoon. Now that is way up north and must be in thick bush. He could not find his passage back out through the ice-clogged lake. Most people would panic, or even if not panic, unless help came quickly, you would not last in the Canadian forest unless you are Survivorman.  This guy’s solution to his life threatening dilemma? He found a power line and chopped down four power poles, thus cutting off electricity to several hundred people! He knew that Saskpower, the utility company, would have to investigate. Sure enough, the utility company chartered a helicopter that found the problem and the man. That is an example of brilliant tactics!

Story two: A retired Ontario couple, Jim and Sue Waddington, have spent thirty years hunting down the scenes in Group of Seven paintings. They go camping, canoeing, hiking looking for the real life scenes depicted in the works of the famous Canadian artists who have vividly given Canadians a wonderful heritage. I nominate this couple for Order of Canada medals. Future generations of Canadians will be able to see the “real life” parts of this great land that inspired the Group of Seven. This couple’s  obsession/hobby will leave a legacy for future generations of Canadians. Good for you Jim and Sue!

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