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Here’s another great example of how our society has allowed individual human rights to completely take over and hold precedence over freedom of expression and common sense. 

A comedian in a Vancouver comedy club, the restaurant owner and other employees were charged with violating the human rights of a 32 year old lesbian who attended the comedy club with her same-sex partner.  The lesbian alleges she was “subjected to a tirade of homophobic and sexist comments” which have caused her to suffer post-traumatic stress.  She alleges discrimination on the basis of her sex and sexual orientation.  The comedian allegedly threw several profanities and epithets her way.  The poor victim says she was scared for herself and her partner, but apparently not so terrified since she had the wherewithal to throw a glass of water in the comedian’s face. 

Lady, you are in a comedy club for God’s sake!  Once you enter the front door you become fair game for anything, short of criminal behaviour.  If comedians inside comedy clubs cannot hone and practice their routines without fear of such ridiculous charges, then we as a society are truly f…ked.  To his credit, the lawyer James Millar, who was representing the defendant comedian, walked out of the hearing calling it an illegal process.  Good for him!  Why did he do this?  Well, other than the fact the entire process was absurd, he had very good legal reasons for so doing.  Prior to the human rights hearing, a BC Supreme Court judge had ordered the tribunal to reconsider five specific issues in relation to this case.  One such issue addressed freedom of expression of rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms and its impact on the tribunal’s jurisdiction to even hear this case!  The tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams refused to reconsider the 5 issues as presented by the BC Supreme Court until the end of the hearing!  Apparently he thought more of his importance relative to a supreme court judge!  He insisted on proceeding with this sham hearing and listened to the ludicrous charges and testimony from the aggrieved plaintiff and no doubt viewed quack MD’s supporting documentation regarding her post-traumatic stress. 

Well kudos to the lawyer James Millar for calling a spade a spade.  There are so many jurisdictions (human rights, employment standards, immigration and worker’s compensation) whose respective tribunals and appeals officers are so caught up in their self importance; they forget that common sense once prevailed in our society.  Now, if you are a minority group that feels somehow wronged, the entire machinery of our bureaucracy will get behind you and support and fund your stupid pursuit of so-called justice!  It’s no wonder Canada is such a magnet for immigrants.  We have changed and distorted laws that once were respected and sensible and instead made them pathetic repositories for bullshit.  It’s such a shame, because being Canadian once stood for something proud.  What does it mean today?


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Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not on a crusade against the Catholic church.  But the ongoing revelations about the litany of child abuse and molestation incurred by their priests makes me puke.  Now it is revealed that the Pope himself, as head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faithh condoned by virtue of his inaction, the abuse of some Father Murphy who molested hundreds of kids, often while they were in confession!  The Pope tried to cover up the incidents, fearing the public scandal that might ensue.  He was more concerned about his holy catholic church than the poor boys whose lives were ruined by this pedophile priest.  Joseph Ratzinger (the Pope’s name before he anointed himself Benedict) failed to discipline this Murphy who begged Ratzinger to let him remain a priest even after he confessed to raping and otherwise emotionally torturing, and this is where it really gets sick, hundreds of deaf students at a school in Wisconsin. We’re not talking about isolated events here, this Murphy “Father” must have been abusing kids on a daily basis!  The NY Times reported that it was more than 200 boys!  Ratzinger, or Pope Benedict as he is now called, was head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in 1996.  This so called “Father” (and how is it that guys who can never marry nor have children get to use this honorable descriptive?) Murphy had written personally to Ratzinger, asking to be left alone to finish his life in the priesthood, even though Murphy’s boss in Wisconsin had officially asked for an investigation of Murphy’s despicable activity.  So watch the Vatican now, as they draw the wagons tight around the Pope.  It will be quite scandalous to view how they handle this coming firestorm.  The right thing to do, rather than accepting resignations from underlings, would be for Ratzinger aka; Pope Benedict, to resign the papacy.  From my viewpoint that is the only thing that can save the Catholic church from ruin.  Even if the Pope was not personally involved in this latest obscenity, he should resign.  But the fact he headed the cover-up makes it an obvious choice.  Resign Pope Benedict, or watch your church crumble to ashes and dust around you.  And they say the devil is evil?

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How smart can this Russian recluse be, if he turned down a $1 million prize for solving a century old math problem?!?  Apparently, this math genius solved the puzzle in 2002 and posted the solution to the internet.  When the poohbahs at the math institute that put up the prize money contacted him, he apparently would not even open the door.  Said he did not want the money, did not welcome any notoriety.  Now I’m not a math genius, in fact I have trouble helping my kid with his school math.  But it seems a fairly simple concept to me.  This is not blood money.  Herrman Goerring is not handing over money that came from gold fillings.  It has not been stolen from a charity.  He’s not being asked to pose for advertising photos in exchange for the moola.  It’s prize money dude!  You solved the riddle, accept the reward!  Take it and give it all away!  Or burn it.  Or, send me an email authorizing transfer to my account.  I would welcome $1 million with open arms.  And then again, what the hell.  It’s his choice to live as he pleases, do as he wishes.  If this genius wants to continue living the Howard Hughes life minus the cash, so be it.  Makes for a whacky news item though!

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My first sauna.

Do you remember your first sauna?  Strangely enough, it is the only memory I have from before age 5.  Well, not strangely since who can remember stuff from even yesterday?  But it is imprinted on my long term memory, probably why I so love saunas.  I attended this summer camp for ethnic kids and we would go for daily swimming in the river.  On the banks of the river was a canvas army tent.  Inside the tent a few rough wooden benches and a wood stove.  The thick canvas was enough to trap the heat and steam from the stove.  And birch “vihtad” or switches were hanging from the centre pole, infusing the interior with a marvellous aroma.  In retrospect the whole thing was a major fire hazard but who was conscious of those concerns back then?  There were no bureaucrats buzzing around the countryside checking up on the health & safety of kids.  And I don’t recall any injuries in any event.  Everybody had common sense back then.  I wonder if there are any pictures from that era, we’re talking late 1950’s!  So if you love saunas all you need is a tent, a wood stove and a pile of rocks!  Enjoy!

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Google and China.

Well it looks like Google will indeed be deep sixing its presence in China over concerns about the Chinese governments persistent insistence on internet censorship.  Good for Google!  By taking a principled high road, Google remains true to its credo “Don’t be evil”.  To remain in China would have been an insult to all the principles that have kept the internet an open medium.  Instead of caving in to the hypocrisy that gives capitalism a bad name, Google sends a clear message to the world.  Your mission statement does matter.  It is not just a collection of good sounding phrases but does represent the core values of your operations.   And if pursuit of profit goes contrary to the core values you purport to maintain, then shame on you.  The Chinese government is evil, and Google is not.  Simple.   Of course we’re not stupid either.  No doubt Google will find a way to still maintain some kind of presence in this monstrous market as demonstrated by their move to Hong Kong.  And they will probably keep lines of discussion with the Chinese ongoing.  Who would outright walk away from the largest market in the world?  But, they have done the right thing and that is what consumers are beginning to realize matters.  Just because a product is cheapest does not necessarily make it better than another company’s product.  We’re living in an age of enlightenment, and price is no longer the only variable that matters to the end user.  If I don’t feel right using your product, then I will pay more for somebody else’s.  Google to its credit did not feel good remaining in a market where its core values were being compromised.  Good for Google!

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Love it or hate, accept it or reject it.  There is no getting around this 21st century fact.  If you want to keep in touch with your kids you better learn how to text!  That is how youth communicates today.  No more Hallmark cards.  Forget about reading or sending a letter.  Phone calls?  Only in emergencies.  Text messaging is where it’s at.  And you know what?  I’m getting to like it.  The response is immediate, so there is no more worry about where he/she is or what they are doing.  Just send a text and you will get a prompt response.  No voice mail.  No busy signal.  The interesting thing about texting kids is they respond right away.  As do your peers.    And it actually forces you to significantly remove the chatter from your conversation.  Yak when you’re actually looking into someone’s eyes.  But for keeping in touch and finding out important details, it’s text baby!

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Jedi religion???

I read in yesterday’s paper, about another ridiculous application of discrimination laws, this one in England.  Some bonehead has filed a discrimination suit alleging his religious beliefs have been discriminated against.  And what prompted this action?  He was asked to remove his hooded sweater when in an employment centre.  He refused and was escorted from the premises by security.  And what did this idiot tell the Daily Mail?  “I am a Star Wars follower.  It means following the way of the Jedi.  Someone with their own religious views is allowed to wear what their religion says.”  The job centre manager has even written an apology to this goof for their grievous error in not recognizing his right to pursue his religious beliefs.  I’m not making this stuff up folks!  This is what we have come to as a society in tolerating individual rights.  “The way of the Jedi”?  Somebody should take a jedi sword to this guys frontal lobe and cut out whatever has infected his brain!

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